Visualizers & Document Cameras

Display Your Presentations

Powerful document cameras can display clear, crisp images of 3D objects, documents and even microscopic images on your TV, VGA and LCD/DLP projectors. They also come with a fully functional remote control that provides access to all major features including image mirroring, rotation and digital zooming.

In addition, document cameras include a Head Lamp and Light Box to offer transparency, 35mm slide and film viewing, sharper imaging, as well as converting negative film to positive images. Overall, AVerVision100 Pro is the best tool for you to make an outstanding presentation.

WolfVision Visualizers

A WolfVision Visualizer is a special live-camera system designed for picking up any object on and outside of the working surface with perfect illumination and depth of focus.

All types of objects (like photos, books, brochures, transparencies, slides or 3-dimensional objects) can be picked-up very quickly and easily. This eliminates the need of producing OHP-transparencies or slides, because a user can display all original objects.

The image produced by a WolfVision Visualizer can be displayed on TV-monitors or projected onto a large screen using a video projector or data projector.

Scanning of 3-dimensional objects

The new Visualizer models with USB port can be directly connected a computer and used for scanning 3-dimensional objects. With WolfVision's USB-scanning software still pictures from the Visualizer can be transferred to the computer in less than 2 seconds. Visualizer models without USB port can also be used for this purpose, if the computer is upgraded with a frame grabber card for video input.

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