Beyond What You Can Imagine

JEC offers all audio visual components in order to make your specialized system fully functional to meet your every need. We offer every variety of projection from Ultra-Portable to Desktop and Fixed Installation suited for what your particular application may be, along with the suitable projection screens, which also range from Electric, Portable, Rear Projection and Tripod/wall screens. If projection is not your preference JEC offers a variety of plasma display systems that make any room feel state of the art. JEC also carries a wide range of Audio brands and manufacturers for the creation of sound systems ranging from the most basic training rooms to elaborate boardrooms.

Special Technology for Special Circumstances

Training rooms can also be equipped with Electronic Whiteboards/Copyboards depending on the operation of the room. Remote control systems can be installed to interconnect and control all aspects of you room, for the utmost efficient control of your audio visual system. JEC combines all of these components with any other special requests or other miscellaneous tools to produce an eye catching customized system for each customer.

Interactive Lecterns

Deliver dynamic presentations. With the Sympodium L250 lectern, you can write notes, annotate over applications, present multimedia and save your work in a single file, all from the interactive screen.

The interactive screen connects to your computer and displays its image. Using the attached stylus, you simply touch the screen to control applications and write notes. With a projector displaying this image on a larger presentation screen, your audience can easily follow along.

The lectern integrates various peripherals. By pressing a button on the control panel, you can switch between the internal computer and a connected laptop or document camera. At the end of the day, lock the lectern to secure equipment.

Use the pen tool to interact with the screen. The display detects pen tool contact with its surface. The display only registers the pen tool contact, so an accidental touch by a hand or sleeve will not affect the image.

In addition to interactive lecterns and touch-screens, JEC INTEGRATION installs a host of interactive whiteboard and copy board technologies.

Members of: AIA American Institute of Architects, IFMA International Facilities Management Association